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  2. Jean Winder Roberts

    This all brings a tear to my eye! I graduated in 1947 and loved that school and my friends with all my heart. This website is fantastic. Thanks.

  3. These photos are incredible. Terribly sad that several of the buildings are no longer standing. Thank you to all involved in maintaining and sharing these memories.

  4. I loved this school. On one of the websites that I looked at it the school closed in 1968 that can not be right. What was the correct year?

    • Joann Skinner Winters '51

      Hi Esther: Saw you note about date Central ceased being a High School. Sammy Lovelace, our Association President said Central ceased being a high school in 1968, but he thinks it was used maybe as a Jr. High for while.
      Joe Ludwick and Vernon Copeland set this website up.
      Go Cardinals. Joann ’51

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