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    1. Charlotte (Charlie)

      Hello, my name is Charlotte and I started working at Dolores Restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd. and Purdue in 1977. Back then everyone called me Charlie. The owner was Dean Williams. He was an excellent businessman, family man and mentor. I was promoted to assistant manager in 1978 and the restaurant was known for it’s high quality food and service. Mr. Williams always said that it was our responsibility to deliver both to our customers. If there was ever a problem, he made sure it was resolved to the satisfaction of our customers. I would like to have him recognized as part of the history of this establishment.
      As for the Drive-In in Beverly Hills, I never worked there, but did frequently eat there. I found that the same kind of quality was there as well. It was obvious that he was also a part of this second estabishment.
      It would be an awesome and beneficial idea to do some type of reunion celebration with special prices for the famous combo of ‘Suzy Q’s and JJ Burgers’!
      IF you would like any addition information, please don’t hesitate to call me at 469/579-9930. Thank you.

      • Elliot Lewis

        Is Mr Williams still alive and well, you dont say.

      • Charlie: Miss Dolores Jumbo Jim’s
        and Z Sauce. Do you know anybody who has recipe for Z Sauce. Started
        going to Dolores at original location on Wilshire & LaCienea in
        1953. Andy

    2. Are you able to publish the recipe for Dolores famous sauce or Come Back Sauce? It was on their hamburgers and spaghetti. Would love to make it for my Dad’s 89th birthday. We would go to Dolores every week whe I was a child. Thank you!

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