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  1. Marvelous piece of history here….thanks…

  2. Uh…these are the Chase Tower (Liberty Tower when built in 1970-71)…NOT The First National from the early 1930’s…

  3. @jmarkross – In the folder labeled “FNB-Construction” are photos of the original building construction in 1930-31, and the expansions in 1955-56, and 1971-72. In the folder labeled “FNB-Aerials” are photos taken from inside First National looking out and some of those are indeed of the Liberty Tower construction; the captions on each photo indicate the direction of view and date the photo was taken if known.

  4. Christina Schessler

    I am writing a thesis in preservation on parking garages.
    One specifically in my area but your information would be useful.
    I would like permission to use your photos, especially the last one with the demo sign.

    Please advise at your earliest convenience.
    Thank you.

  5. Christina, we encourage use of photos for educational purposes and research. Sorry for the delay in responding. Just provide proper credit to Retro Metro OKC on any images you use. If you have any further questions, email me at
    – Steve Lackmeyer, president, Retro Metro OKC

  6. I was browsing the pictures of the FNB construction and was surprised to stumble across two pictures of my old boss, Red Randolph. He was the superintendent on the 1970s expansion and I was the timekeeper. I worked with Red on several jobs for Harmon Construction Company. He was a real character. He was the kind of guy you either liked or hated. There was no middle ground with him.

    I actually liked him and we got along really well. I stayed at his farm in Perkins, OK a couple of times.

    Those photos brought back a lot of good memories.

  7. I used to work in the BancFirst bank right next door to the First National Building in 2011 and on my lunch breaks I walked through the great banking hall and admired how gorgeous and intact it is still to this day. I LOVE it. This made me happy because I was able to show a friend some pictures of what I was talking about when I told him how gorgeous the room was. It still doesn’t compare to seeing it in person.

  8. Is the 1st National building vacant? I would love to walk around in there an check out the observation tower I remember my grandmother taking us there Christmas shopping at all the stores inside the tower and around it. My grandparents always banked at City National, he was alwaya Mr. Smith. They never called him Ira. He founded Ira’s Tire Shop that’s still in business on S Hudson.

  9. I started working for First National Bank in 1981. It was an amazing environment. My office was on the north side of the gorgeous lobby. A beautiful and truly awesome building.

  10. Elizabeth Yuricek

    How do I view the files? The links are not working. Can you advise and thanks! looking to license images for a guestroom project.


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