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  1. Does the name ‘YMCA’ appear above, to left of ‘Weaver’ in Patterson Bldg.image datged Jan 14, 1909. Also, note Draughn’s Bus. School name on top floor of same. If ‘Y’ was there, it was earliest location for it in downtown OKC.

  2. Steve Lackmeyer

    You’re referring to the Baltimore Building image, and yes, an early incarnation of the YMCA was there in 1909. Jack and I are set to write a book about the YMCA and this is part of the history we’ve already dug up.

  3. Coincidentally, Smith, although the photo you refer to is the Baltimore Building, the Y was indeed in the Patterson and Terminal buildings in the ‘teens prior to moving to their own building on NW 2…

  4. In the series “RACp – Hotels and Motels” there is an image of the Plaza Tower Motel, which apparently used to be located at 1117 N Shartel. Today no building remains. However, you can find an isolated planter (or something that looks like a planter) at that location with the 1117 North Shartel address on it. I’ve wondered about this planter for a while because the style is so interesting and it kind of sits alone in front of a vacant lot with nothing nearby. Do you know if this planter was part of the original Plaza Tower Motel?

    • It sure looks like a piece of that building, George. Good eye. In the postcard you can see a small building on the left of the card and I believe that building is the one still standing in the area today as well.

    • This hotel was built and owned by my grandfather Alfred H. Smith, Sr. Yes, it was built and associated with the hotel.

  5. Yes, this planter was part of the Plaza Tower Hotel. Here’s another postcard view of the hotet and a bit of history about it. If you scroll down, you’ll also find photos of a brochure about the building:

    And here’s a photo of the planter you’re talking about:

  6. re: image #RAC.2010.09.27

    This view is looking toward the old Voyager Inn that was torn down when the Warwick West apartment complex was built in the late 70’s. However, I believe that the rock sign you see in this image was kept and now announces the apartment complex name.

    Here’s a postcard photo looking from the Voyager toward the newly built United Founders Tower:

    And the rock sign today:

  7. Lynne, we really want to visit with you about your collection. Please email us at

  8. FBC ‘New Building” in Church photo 37.09 is actually the then new Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma home office on Ninth [?] and North Robinson.

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