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  1. I am writing a book containing Oklahoma events. I wonder if there is a way I could get a map of what Springlake Amusement Park looked like in the 1960′s? I so loved going there as a kid. :)

    • You might contact Metro Tech Vo-tech Springlake campus, that sets on the old Springlake site. They may have a map of what it look like before they built their buildings there. Not for sure, but wouldn’t hurt to ask…

  2. Hi, Pam. To the best of my knowledge, no such map exists or if it does I’m certainly unaware. In this collection you will find this aerial: http://www.retrometrookc.org/wp-content/gallery/springlake-aerials-and-landscapes/Thompson0000169A.jpg, a photo which was probably taken in 1940. But, by the 1960s, the park was much changed although many of the main components were the same during both time periods, e.g., the Big Dipper, Fun House, Merry-Go-Round, bumper cars, etc. Unfortunately, that photo is the closest think I can suggest as a kinda-sorta map. Should you locate a real map, please let us know (and give us a copy, please!).

  3. I’m a student at Metro Tech, I have not seen map at school of the Park. We do have one of the car’s from the Big Dipper on our first floor. We also have great wildlife on campus, Wild birds.ducks,hawks,killdeers.

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