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  1. Sheryl Miller

    I have a photograph envelope that where my husband’s grandfather had film developed at Veasey’s. The date on the envelope is 08/30/1957; the price for the developing was $1.43 for one roll of film. I’m sure that was ALOT back then. The store number is stamped #18 I would be glad to scan and send this to you if you would like. My hobby is genealogy so I don’t mind sharing at all.

  2. Marjie Hall Bass

    My mom, Dorothy Hall, worked for Veazey Drugstore during the 50’s and early 60’s. I practically grew up in the store at May and Northwest 59th. Many great memories!

  3. Stephanie Veazey

    I am the granddaughter of the founder of Veazey’s Drug Co. I’m looking for any items with the Veazey’s brand. Pill boxes, cigar boxes, match books etc. I have had many people stop by my store and drop off news clips, pictures and even a bottle of turpentine. I would be interrest in anything you might have. My store is “Bill Veazey’s Rehab” on Wilshire. Many thanks

    • Hi, We were just cleaning Aunt Myrna’s house in okc. Wecame across a Veazey’s wooden cigar box. Are you interested in this box? Let me know. Thanks.

    • Hi, We were just cleaning Aunt Myrna’s house in okc. Wecame across a Veazey’s wooden cigar box. Are you interested in this box? Let me know. Thanks.

    • Hello Stephanie, I have a Veazey Drug Company matchbook. I believe it is from the 1940’s. At the time they had 14 locations. Please let me know if you are interested.

    • I was related to the Veazeys
      thru marriage to Dick Horton. Dick’s mother Margarite was the sister to Bill Veazey’s wife’s mother. If interested in more info, you can email me. I have 2 granddaughters in Oklahoma City who would be related to you.

  4. Photo labeled 1102 Classen Blvd has wrong address listed. This Veazey Drug Store was located at Midtown Plaza Court, 1102 Classen Drive (not Blvd), OKC.

  5. Bill Veazey Jr

    I am in the process of collecting stories that center around the Veazey Drug Store days. The life of employees, business transactions with the stores, customers meeting at the soda fountains and the dates or relationships that ensued.
    If you know someone or have a relative who worked at a Veazey Drug store or if you want to share a special memory from one of the Drug stores, please send their name and contact information or story to me at

    • Love that you’re doing this project and hope you can make a fun compilation. I lived at 17th and Flynn in OkC and frequently walked to the Veazey’s on 16th and Pennsylvania. I remember sitting on the floor to read comic books (for free) and paying a nickel for a “cherry phosphate” at the counter. Very likely that was cherry syrup and soda water. On very very very special occasions, like a birthday party, we could have a banana split. Life was so great during this Utopian time of the 1950s Middle America. Let me know how it goes for you!

  6. I am interested in getting a photograph of the Veazey’s Drug Store close to the 1934 period. Can you help and what is the charge for an 8×10? You may contact me at

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