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  1. I was the weekend sports anchor at KOCO in 1979-1981, but my father was actually offered a job to read the news on this new thing called television after getting his Masters at Northwestern in 1949 or 1950. He was offered $80 a week in Oklahoma City, his hometown, and had a competing job offer of $85 a week to head up the radio department at Mississippi State College in Starkville. He told me that he went to the bosses at WKY to ask them to match and they wished him well in Mississippi. Frank McGee, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_McGee_(journalist) who went on to read the news on the Today Show took the job. My Dad went on to work in advertising in NY and filled in on WQXR radio (The Raido Station of the New York TImes) then moved to the Philadelphia area and became an actor/narrator. He landed his first speaking role in a major motion picture at the age of 80, when he was cast as the Rabbi who officiates at Cameron Diaz’s wedding in “In Her Shoes”. He passed away in July of 2009.

  2. My husband Monte Reese, worked with Russell Pierson as a Farm Broadcaster there at WKY. Are there any photos of Russell and the guys that worked with him. We just celebrated Russell’s 100th Birthday a while back!!!! Would love to see some of those old photos!!!!!

  3. J. Belflower Lunn

    Our family owned the large historic home and land directly west of the original Wky studios. My parents knew everyone over at WKY and Channel 4!! We sold the home and surrounding land in the early to mid 1960’s, possibly to the Gaylords, as a newer Wky/Channel 4 structure was ultimately built on the site. The home was demolished after a brief usage as a “haunted house”.

    Do you possibly have any old photos of our home in your archives? I would be so pleased to have some photograph of our wonderful home . Thanks for your time! Jo Belflower Lunn

  4. Robert Derryberry

    I was in the Sunbeam Orphanage in 1958-59. As a Cub Scout we got to be on the Foreman Scotty show and although the show was broadcast in B&W, I saw my 1st color camera there in the studio. An RCA TK41, and I knew I had to be in Television when I grew up. I finally got the chance in the fall of 1965 and had a 47 year career in it working for the Networks and doing the Olympics in 8 countries as Camera and editor. I spent the last few years in Broadcast equipment sales all because I spent 1 afternoon at WKY on Oklahoma City as a ch

    • My two girlfriends and I were on the Foreman Scotty show in the late fifties. We sang ” Sugar Time” by the McGuire Sisters as a talent act. I won a Frisbee for having the longest ponytail. Also the “Lone Ranger” and “Tonto” were present in the studio. What a memory ! I have loved the 65th anniversary coverage for WKY !

  5. I have a Foreman Scotty leather pony tail holder that is in new condition. Is there a museum collection to donate this treasure? My sister and I had several of these, and we loved wearing them! I don’t remember how we acquired them.

  6. Kimberley weatherly

    My father, Leon Harris worked for WKY in the late 1970’s to mid 80’s. I was really little than but I think he was an Engineer at WKY.

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