Doug Loudenback

“The principal focus of this blog is Oklahoma City history, past, present & future, including the city’s NBA teams, as well as anything else I decide to write about from time to time. – Doug Loudenback

From 2006 to 2014, Doug did just that. As a lawyer turned city historian and author, Doug meticulously researched city history and provided an important resource for those wanting to learn more about our community. Doug, a founding member of Retro Metro OKC, died on September 12, 2021 after an extensive illness. His writings are preserved for future generations.

Marilyn Hudson, Bizarre History Genie

I am constantly reminded, one way or another, about how much I DON'T know about Oklahoma City history and what a relatively untapped and deep well that it truly is. The thing which eventually led to my awareness of Marilyn Hudson was an unsolicited email on June 24,...

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Father’s Day 2012

Who says that Father's Day (tomorrow) is just a day to celebrate older guys like me (69 in 2 weeks) -- it's also a date for dads to celebrate their offspring, as well. So, I, Doug Dawg, am celebrating the privilege and honor of being the father of two great kids, a...

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On Being Excited About OKC’s LGBT Citizens 2012

According the sponsoring organization's press release, 2012's OKC Gay Pride events kick off on Thursday, May 17, and last for ten days until May 27. A rather lengthy discussion and review of LGBT issues and the history of the Gay Rights Movement was done last year in...

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Oklahoma City Circa 1967 – Part 1

This article was originally posted on February 29, 2012, in very preliminary form and it has taken me until May 9 to finish it. It is VERY long (about 69 pages if you can print it without the left pane and top banner) but it is bookmarked so that you can move quickly...

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El Degüello – Citizens United or We The People

Originally posted on January 15, 2012. Updated on February 18, 2012. Remember the $540,000 of nasty political ads expended by "Super PACs" in City Council elections last year? The Committee For Oklahoma City Momentum spent about $415,000 and Voice For Responsible...

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