About Us

RetroMetroOKC was started in September, 2009 by a group of history enthusiasts wishing to better promote and tell the history of the greater Oklahoma City metro and to support and work with like-minded organizations whenever possible. We are dedicated to making history fun and accessible to all. The founding group consists of historians, authors, urban planners, attorneys, real estate professionals, videographers and designers with ages ranging from 17 to 70.

Our Principles:

  • Members should have a passion and enthusiasm for Oklahoma City history. The group’s purpose is to highlight and bring attention to the history of Oklahoma City, not the historians who interpret the history.
  • We are for free and open access to Oklahoma City history in its purest form. We encourage others to openly distribute and republish our images within limitations of copyright laws and owners’ agreements.
  • We hope to empower people by providing support and access to historical resources, thereby enabling individuals to tell the story of Oklahoma City through books, films, presentations, and/or other media.
  • We wish to work with and assist, and not compete with, other organizations promoting Oklahoma City history.
  • We encourage members to volunteer their time and resources to fulfill our mission.
  • We will have fun. We will share stories.


Steve Lackmeyer

Steve Lackmeyer is an award-winning reporter and columnist who started his career at The Oklahoman in 1990. Since then, he has won numerous awards for his coverage, which included the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, the city’s Metropolitan Area Projects, the rebuilding of north downtown, the rebirth of the Skirvin Hotel, the rise of Bricktown, MidTown and Automobile Alley, and the city’s courting of the NBA.

Steve’s family came to town in 1977 when his father led construction of the Sheraton Century Center Hotel. He roamed the brand new corridors of the Conncourse tunnels (now The Underground). He saw the final last gasp of the old downtown and witnessed the destruction of the 26-story Biltmore Hotel. He spent his teenage years watching construction of the Myriad Gardens and a new skyline including Mid-America (home to Devon), Oklahoma and Corporate Towers, and Leadership Square.

Steve is the author of three Oklahoma City history books – “OKC Second Time Around” and “Skirvin” (both co-authored by Jack Money) and “Bricktown.” Both “OKC Second Time Around” and “Skirvin” were finalists for best non-fiction and design by the Oklahoma Book Awards. Steve is a frequent speaker on city history and downtown development, with appearances on television stations OETA, KWTV, KSBI, radio stations KTOK, KGOU, WKY and KOKC, local rotary and lions clubs, and the 2010 National Main Streets Conference.

Buddy Johnson

Vice President
Buddy Johnson holds degrees in history and library science as well as a cherished certificate in Nuclear Disaster Preparedness from FEMA.

Johnson is a reference librarian for the Metropolitan Library System where he maintains the Oklahoma Room, the Oklahoma Images database, and Oklahoma Voices, the library’s oral history program. He is a frequent contributor to Info magazine and is the author of five books (plus two more under contract). One of those, Historic Photos of Oklahoma City, was a finalist for an Oklahoma Book Award as was It Wasn’t Much: True Tales of Ten Oklahoma Heroes, a book he edited. His work has also appeared in Oklahoma Humanities Magazine.

A native of Tulsa, he now resides in the capital city where he maintains an odd fascination with even numbers and baseball statistics and where he spins Raymond Scott LPs on his 10 watt pirate radio station for relaxation.

Jack Money

Jack Money is an award-winning author and journalist. Jack was a reporter at The Oklahoman from 1989 through 2009. Jack led coverage on downtown recovery efforts following the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. He and frequent collaborator Steve Lackmeyer later became an award-winning team covering the MAPS program and the subsequent redevelopment of downtown. Jack continues to free-lance articles for local publications, with topics ranging from the Sieber Hotel to the development of the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum.

Jack and co-author Steve Lackmeyer wrote “OKC Second Time Around,” which entered a second printing in 2007 just months after its initial release. The book was honored for best design in the 2007 Oklahoma Book Awards and the authors’ work was recognized with the B.H. Prasad Award by the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The pair’s second book, “Skirvin,” was published in December, 2009, which entered a second printing just two months after its initial release. Jack earned a journalism degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and is the media resources manager at New Dominion, LLC.

Marc Weinmeister

Marc Weinmeister, owner of Commercial OKC, is one of the five original organizers of Retro Metro OKC. Weinmeister’s father was in the Air Force, and his travels took the family to cities throughout the country.
Weinmeister attended Trinity University in San Antonio, where he obtained a business degree, and then Texas A&M, where he obtained his masters in geology. He also did post-graduate work in hydro-geology at Oklahoma State University.
He moved his family to Oklahoma City in 1982. As owner of Commercial OKC, Weinmeister has been involved in disposition of large retail properties including shopping centers, theaters and lumberyards and has experience in bankruptcy liquidation through some of these dispositions.
He has a special passion for the reinvention of Oklahoma City, including Bricktown, Midtown and the I-40 redevelopment corridor. Weinmeister’s interest in historic real estate brought him together with co-founders of Retro Metro OKC, and he is leading a mapping and vintage aerial photo project that will be shared with the public later this year.

Founding members:

Caroline Cuskey, History professor, Rose State, director of the Atkinson Center

Buddy Johnson, Librarian, Downtown Library

A. J. Kirkpatrick, Planner, City of Oklahoma City

Steve Lackmeyer, Reporter, The Oklahoman, author

Doug Loudenback, Attorney, Blogger, author

Jack Money, author,The Gazette (stringer)

Catherine Montgomery, Historic Preservation Architect, City of Oklahoma City

Paul Ryckbost, City of Oklahoma City assitant planner

Marc Weinmeister, Real Estate, Commercial OKC

John Michael Williams, Attorney

Blair Humphreys, urban designer

Justin Tyler Moore, owner of JTMstudios and Abandoned Oklahoma

Cody Cooper, Abandoned Oklahoma, cdc designs

Erin Karl, executive director Stockyards City Main Street

Dean Schirf, retired Greater Oklahoma City Chamber executive, railroad historian

Pete White, attorney, Ward 4 councilman

Robert Allison, postcard and photo collector, history columnist

Norman Thompson, history enthusiast, nursing home owner

Bunee Tomlinson, student, filmmaker

For more information contact us at info@RetroMetroOKC.org