What Others Are Saying

This is exciting. It’s a great way to collect and display historical information, and I look forward to seeing the collection grow.

Michael Bates

What’s the bane of the historian’s existence? Right: useful material forever locked away in someone’s vault. I have to figure the owners will happily share if they don’t actually have to give up physical possession.

Charles Hill


Oklahoma City has a new history kid in town …

Doug Loudenback

“The site and its emphasis on the city’s history is a hot fudge sundae for those of us who love history and those who lived it, like Swift & Company General Manager Millard McCarville, who’d wave goodbye to his wife, three daughters and baby son at Northwest 29th and Classen every morning when he got on the trolley to go to work in what’s now Bricktown.”

Mike McCarville

The McCarville Report

It’s a great idea. The web site is cool. I admire these guys for their passion and expertise. Impressive.

Dave Morris


There is so much to be gained from preserving history. In addition to all the academic reasons, viewing old photographs and documents is just fun and entertaining. Retro Metro OKC has made this activity especially accessible by using everyday technology to provide content online.

Jen X

Retro and relevant.

Rusty Surette


Oklahoma City’s history is going retro.

Phil Cross