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  1. Who is the man in the far right column,third picture from the top?

    Thank you.

    Sharon Frazier

  2. He is the man himself, W.T. Hales.

  3. We have a landscape photo of a Frisco coal locomotive with train id# 584.

    The photo was taken by “That Man Stone Co” in Oklahoma City.

    There is a provenance about a Mr. W.T. Hales furnishing ten thousand horses for the army to transport heavy artillery.

    A Mr. J.E. Treagle did the shipping to a Major J.W. Sifton for service in the French Army.

    The photo measures 12 inches tall and 48 inches wide.
    It was framed by a Carter’s Studios in Fort worth and the construction paper on back to help protect the photo has a faded black print with the name of: Fort worth Paper Company.

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