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  1. 1st project out of OSU. Hired on by C H Leavell Company the GC on the project as Field Engineer. I was layout engineer from the 1st pier and stayed there until C H Leavell got tired of warranty work.

    Got a few pictures during constructions. Some key names – Buz Latvala (general superintendent) OESCO did the electrical, Streets (mech) did a bunch of the plumbing, Shawver Elect did tenant work, Allied Steel did steel erection, Concho did the site dirtwork, some company – Brewer? did utilities? I think Robberson did the steel fabrication??.

    I am losing brain sells My family does not give a hoot about this stuff. WHO SHOULD I CONTACT?

    Mike Lambert – Stillwater

  2. This particular collection is great at revealing many components of the richly textured urban fabric that Oklahoma City lost in the demolition-crazed era of the late 20th century. Many thanks to the photographer for this documentation. Even now after the construction of the Devon complex, which has some positive urban design features, the heart of Main Street is just a service alley.

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