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  1. Although I enjoyed the still shots, these videos are nothing short of absolutely amazing, and thanks, John Spence, for making them available.

    Other than noting that the video immediately below Roy Ramirez would not load (the screen message was that it had been removed by the user), I have nothing but praise for the great job done with this post.

    It’s hard to pick favorites amongst the videos since I liked them all. That said, my favorite picks are (1) Inventory ’60, showing the year in review — and which video gives a bit of insight as to the current legal disputes as to the Atoka Reservoir between the city and the Choctaw Tribe — as well as glimpses into the governorship of J. Howard Edmondson as well as the Kennedy-Nixon 1960 election ; (2) Pam Henry; and (3) George Wesley, although I very much enjoyed them all.

    Altogether, this is all first class stuff which cannot be found in any other place, internet or otherwise, but only at Retro Metro.

  2. Doug,
    As I assemble these videos, others from WKY-TV send me additional video. The video you were unable to view was formerly “Ken Root”. Ken mentioned
    in his story that he helped salvage the 18 wheel mobile unit after it was totaled. He was later commended by Norman Bagwell the station manager for his unselfish efforts.

    After completing his video and posting it, I received color images from Pat Bryant, who now is working for Disney in LA. He recorded his story and sent me his video, which I will complete, hopefully in the near future.

    Thanks for your kudos.

  3. Jon,
    Thanks for this. My father grew up watching WKY and there is one memory he has that we’ve only found via a story posted, the infamous “Foreman Scotty” episode where the little boy says “Luther farted” when asked by Scotty why he was laughing. Is there any surviving footage of “The Foreman Scotty Show”?

    Take care,

    • J.C.

      To my knowledge, the live Forman Scotty Show was never recorded.

      Pieces of some of the Adventures pop up from time to time.


  4. I love the videos, Jon. I’m not sure if you remember me or
    Not. I worked t Channel

  5. I love the videos, Jon. I’m not sure if you remember me or not. I worked at Channel 4 from 69 to 80 mainly directing the 6 and 10 news.
    Would you contact me by email? I’d like to get in touch with some of the people in the videos.

    • Ray,
      I remember you well. You need to be in one of your own!
      I need a director, as Mark Bauski is too chicken.
      I have an email list of over 90 ‘KYers.

      Also, type in My name or WKY-TV in YouTube to see dozens more!

  6. Hi Jon,
    Great to hear from you! I’m excited to hear that you have so many addresses…you can add mine to the list. I’m anxious to hear news about all my friends there.
    Also, how can I get your email address so we can converse in private?

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