Doug Loudenback

“The principal focus of this blog is Oklahoma City history, past, present & future, including the city’s NBA teams, as well as anything else I decide to write about from time to time. – Doug Loudenback

From 2006 to 2014, Doug did just that. As a lawyer turned city historian and author, Doug meticulously researched city history and provided an important resource for those wanting to learn more about our community. Doug, a founding member of Retro Metro OKC, died on September 12, 2021 after an extensive illness. His writings are preserved for future generations.

John Lampton Belt, 1936-2013

It came as a shock to me to read in Steve Lackmeyer's Oklahoman article that John Lampton Belt died Sunday morning, at the age of 76. Steve's article was published on-line on the same day, March 10, and it appeared in the print version of the Oklahoman on March 11....

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Sandtown Circa 1884

This is a test question: The first "legal" settlers in Oklahoma City acquired their rights on:                         (1) April 22, 1889, Land Run...

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Death of the Zombie Sonics

Started on December 10; finished on December 12. Sorry to have been absent in my blogging duties since late August. I've got my reasons. I fully intend to complete the 100 Years of Oklahoma Presidential Elections but that project has proven rather time intensive in...

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100 Years of Oklahoma Presidential Votes

Oklahoma's First Presidential Vote Was For The Man Above This being a presidential election year, I thought it might be fun to review Oklahoma's votes for President of the United States after we were granted that opportunity, which is a 100-year period of votes. Until...

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In Search of Bird Gee

Originally posted July 24, 2012; edited on August 20-25, 2012, to add interactive flash video of Bird Gee's real property interests in Oklahoma County and to complete this article. July 19, 2012 110 Years Ago, Circa 1902 Looking into that field of black jack (scrub...

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Why Can’t the Oklahoman Stop Slamming Ed Shadid?

The initial parts of this post were published here on July 9, 2012, but the post was only completed on July 22. It took me that long complete it. The Oklahoman has been critical of Ward 2 City Council member Ed Shadid beginning with before he won the April 5, 2011,...

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