First National Center Videos

Until its closure in 1986, this bank, located at the southeast corner of Park Avenue and Robinson, was the largest financial institution in Oklahoma. For much more about 1st National Bank, see the 1st National Bank Collection.

These ’70’s First National Bank television spots were created by Jon Spence, Broadcast Director, of Glenn Advertising. Liberty National Bank was marketing to a younger demographic. The First National Bank was the know in the market as, “The Oldest & the Coldest”. New banking departments were created and in addition, BankAmericard, was introduced to capture this younger market. The First National Bank had the largest capital structure in Oklahoma while it was run by C.A. Vose. Liberty Bank introduced a young banking department that was then countered by First National with, Uni-Bank, for young banking clients.

Chuck Vose then took the leadership of The First National Bank and soon developed an in-house advertising and marketing department. Shortly after the installation of the new leadership of the bank, it went into receivership.