In researching information for my main article on Historic Capitol Hill, perhaps nothing more interesting popped out of that research than information relating to H.C. Schilling, Capitol Hill’s ex officio mayor from 1905 until his removal from office on 1907. I say “ex officio mayor” since Capitol Hill did not have an official mayor, as such — it had a board of trustees and its president was unofficially called mayor. Most articles use the name, “H.C.” but sometimes he is referred to as “H.G.” Schilling.

H.C. Schilling had formed and caused East Capitol Hill Addition to be platted, immediately east of the Capitol Hill addition at some time before April 2, 1902 when he began marketing its parcels. An April 3, 1902, Daily Oklahoman article read, “Schilling’s new addition to Oklahoma City will be paced on the market April 2, 1902. ¶ With especial inducements this is one of the most beautiful additions ever made to Oklahoma City. It has been platted and lots will be sold at price that will surprise you. A street car line will be built as soon as it is possible to get the material. This addition lays east of Capital [sic] Hill, and east of the Santa Fe tracks.” Schilling was also very much involved in his addition’s namesake, Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill voted to become an incorporated municipality on March 21, 1904, by a vote of 72-61, and that status remained until yet another set of curious happenings occurred during 1909-1910 which resulted in the town of Capitol Hill being annexed by Oklahoma City — but that is another story. This one’s about H.C. Schilling.