Who says that Father’s Day (tomorrow) is just a day to celebrate older guys like me (69 in 2 weeks) — it’s also a date for dads to celebrate their offspring, as well. So, I, Doug Dawg, am celebrating the privilege and honor of being the father of two great kids, a son and a daughter, each of which have given this old man great children-in-law and great grandchildren.

Thanks to JibJab.com, one of my favorite places, for these cool animations.

Yep. There are important things going on in Oklahoma City right now, not the least of which is the presently on-going NBA Championship series as it enters game 3 in Miami tomorrow.

But I’m taking a breather in all and any such events and am just thinking about my kids. I’ve got two kids, David and Mary. David came to marry an exceptionally cool lady, Michele, and Mary earlier married an equally exceptional cool guy, Brian. So both my son and son-in-law have to have space here …

Ahh … that’s my boy, a chip off the old block.

But, then there’s Brian, husband to my daughter Mary. Well, Brian is hands down a hunk. Better than that, look at him handle some guys in this JibJab video …

Happy Father’s Day, everyone and all.

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