This is my initial foray into blogging stuff … it will take me a little experience and time to get it right! But, I’m hoping that you will find something of value in Doug Dawg’s Blog, hopefully not only later, but sooner!

As I bounce my way around the walls of learning blog-ropes, I’d value your comments and suggestions in making this a good place to be for those who are interested in Oklahoma City from a historical perspective, whether the “history” be past, present, or future. Yes, I know that only “past” is thought of as “historical”. But, let’s bend the term just a little and see “what is” as well as offerings on the table as to “what might reasonably come to be,” based on present information at hand!

I very much doubt that I’ll get into issues of “who’s right, who’s wrong,” here. That’s beyond the scope of what I want this blog to be. I’m absolutely not a guy who is “in the know” … I’m an outsider looking at facts and I have no clue about what might be in the minds of the movers and shakers of this community other than what I read in the funny papers. And, frankly, that’s not my type of thing, anyway.

I care less about that than what I see … in Oklahoma City’s past, present, and, possibly, future (as long as it has some past or present root in some factual information). My intention with this blog is not to persuade, dissuade, criticize or critique anyone. It is merely to present information, most often graphical information, about Oklahoma City. Consider it to be a picture book with not too many words … well, this wordy initial post doesn’t bode too well for what I just said!

I’ll certainly be engaged here with the Oklahoma City/New Orleans Hornets for as long as “Oklahoma City” is at least a part of the descriptive name of the team! The Horents are and have been (at least for me) the most electric happening to my town beginning with the September 2005 announcement that we’d temporarily host that NBA team, and, for me, that remains true to this day, and, I’m sure, will remain so until April or May 2007 at which time the Hornets may depart my city and return to Cajun Country. If so, and after that, what of the NBA’s presence here? Who can say? Certainly, not me. But, the NBA’s presence here will certainly receive its fair share of attention in this blog.

Beyond these initial thoughts on this day, the birthday of Doug Dawg’s Blog, I have no clue where it may go, if anywhere. I will take it where it will go without any roadmap in hand. It may wind up in the toilet, but then again, who can say … it may fare better than that. At the least, I will attempt to make it an adventure!