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Thunder Files Routinely Updated: Season Schedule, Results & Attendance and Thunder Game Photos

Most Substantial Recent Updates: First National Center, updated through March 25, 2008 … announcements and concerns but no Grand Banking Hall, yet. This initial article was substantially complemented in this second article drawing on images from First National’s archives.

Beverlys Chicken-In-The-Rough. This file was substantially added to on 2/21/2008 to include more pics and an updated history of Beverlys … which post, by the way, receives the most “hits” of any blog article I’ve written. Beverlys obviously strikes the chords of a heck of a lot of people around the country.

Updated Files & Modification Dates

Edward & Henry Overholser (10/19/07)
Okc Trains 2 (9/28/07)
Trains Part 3 (6/21/08)
Street Map History (9/4/07)
Stockyards City (7/10/07)
Okc History Books (9/26/2007)
Oklahoma Hall of Fame (6/19/07)
Mid-Continent To OHA (6/19/07)
Will Rogers Departures (6/8/07)
Cops & Robbers – Tilghman (5/22/07)
1st National Center (5/11/07)
The Paseo (5/7/07)
Paseo 2007 Arts Festival (5/30/07)
Deep Deuce History (9/28/07)
Famous Deep Deucians (9/28/07)
Hornets Retrospective Video (4/20/07)
Downtown Movies (9/24-26/07)
Oklahoma Rising Flash Files (4/21/07)
Final Hornets Standings, Schedule (7/14/07)
OKC: 2nd Time Around (2/12/07)
Skirvin Hilton Preview (2/23/07)
Skirvin Hilton – The Day Before (2/25/07)
Skirvin Grand Reopening (2/27/07)
“Other” Downtown Hotels (4/1/07)
Springlake (4/21/07)
OETA Centennial Videos (5/24/07)
Beverlys Chicken-In-The-Rough (2/21/08)


Toddle House – Pie
Downtown Movies
Skirvin Hotel
Colcord Building
State Fair
Hall of Fame

Deep Deuce Prologue
Deep Deuce History
Deep Deuce Prologue
Famous Deep Deucians
Downtown @ Statehood
The Dust Bowl
Other Hotels
Cops & Robbers 1
Updated 1st National
Leo Sanders Collection
Cops & Robbers 2
Downtown Airpark
Okc Parades
Stockyards City
Vintage Okc Collage
St. Anthony’s
Fidelity Bank
Vintage Downtown Map
Downtown Libraries
City Maps
Trains & Trolleys
Trains Part 1
Union Station 2009
Trains Part 2
Trains Part 3
Trains Part 3A
Trolleys Part 1
Mesta Park
Tall Buildings
Okc Postcards
Gladish Building – What?
1905 State Map
1892 State Map
Council Grove
1905 Township Maps
Famous Kiltie Band
Skycraper City 1931
Guessing Game
John A. Brown’s
1903 COC Book
Civic Center
That Man Stone Photos
H.C. Schilling
Vintage Building Index
Ultimate Deep Deuce Collection
Jim Crow in Okc
Kilties in Shamrock
Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill: Schilling
1st Canal; World’s Fair
Central Club et al.
Population History
Area-size history
Downtown USO
Golden Era, 1920-32
Tower Theater
Camile Nexdorf Phelan
Wiley Post
Wiley’s Memorial
Clara Luper
Perle Mesta
Mayor Couch
Mayor Overholser
CF Colcord
Ada Lois Fisher
Hall of Fame
Zelia Breaux
Charlie Christian
Jimmy Rushing
Ralph Ellison
Leo Sanders
Bill Tilghman
Anton Classen
Reinhart Part 1
Reinhart Part 2
John Shartel
Fred L. (That Man) Stone
Dean Schirf
Reinhart Part 3 – Churches
Reinhart Part 4 – Theresa

1st National Center
Downtown Looking Down
Cool Bricktown
USA World Challenge
OK River: Intro
OK River: Floods
OK River: MAPS
OK River: Facilities
OK River: Trails
Downtown Skyline
Skirvin Hilton
Mid-Continent to OHA
Colcord Hotel
2006 State Fair
Hall of Fame
2006 OCU Regatta
2007 Regatta
Asian District Story
Asian District Pics
Neighborhoods: Classen Drive
Skirvin Preview
Skirvin: The Day Before
Pershing Blvd.
Skirvin Reopening
Petroleum Buildings
Other Hotels
The Paseo
Urban Neighbors
First National Center
First National Archives
Paseo Festival 2007
Centennial Parade Preview
Centennial Parade Report
Centennial Parade Report (cont)
Centennial Parade Video
Stockyards City
St. Anthony’s
Downtown Libraries

Trains 3A
Mesta Park
4 Centennial Events
   Sunset Ceremony
   State Art Collection
   Devon River Parade
Artrain USA
Centennial Storm
March Madness
Tall Buildings
Myriad Gardens
Arts Festival 2008
Land Run Monument
Devon Tower
Devon – Height is fleeting; Beauty endures
Oklahoma Today OKC Special
I-40 Pedestrian Bridge
Pony Moon Gala
Halloween in Okc
State Capitol Weekend Visits
Heartland Flyer At 10
Union Station 2009
Core To Shore
Metro Library System
I-40 relocation
MAPS 3 ballot, etc.
MAPS 3 proposal
Oringal MAPS history
MAPS 3 – Bee Watching
MAPS 3 news
Quo Vadis, Oklahman

Street Map History
Vintage Downtown Map
City Maps
1905 State Map
1892 State Map
1905 Township Maps
Oklahoma Highways
Wichita Mountains
Train Maps
Trolley Map
Clickable vintage map
Vintage Building Index
Deep Deuce Map

The Hornets
What’s It Gonna Be?
Key Arena
Seattle Sleeping
Okc – Yes/No
Schedule & Results
October 2006
Hornets Team
Final ’06-’07 Standings & Schedule
Hornets Last Week
Hornets Okc Retrospective
As of 11/07
Ford Center Initiative
Unabashed Ford Vote Video
Ford Center Watch Party
Tramel Gets It Right
Cafe Do Brazil
Bricktown Bash
Breaking Through
Can It Fail?
We Are The Champions!
Precinct Tally
Is Okc Viable?
March 25 Press Conference
Special Thanks To …
No Movie Tonight?
The Three Amigos
Our 2008-09 Team
NBA Gear & Tickets 1
2008-2009 Schedule & Results
OKC Thunder
I Need Tickets!
OKC’s Best Peep Show
2008 Dance Team
Our 1st Ever Game
Game Pics
Opening Night
Screen Savers
Team Name – Enough Is Enough
Taos Action Photos
Daily Thunder
Yearning for October & A Good Laugh
Okc History Books
Okc 2nd Time Around
Springlake – Arcadia
Scott’s Story of OKC (full book)
Book review: Bricktown
Peery’s “1st 2 Years” (full book)

Getting Started
Superman’s Back!
Oklahoma History Center
New Years 2006-07
OETA Centennial Stuff
Will Rogers Departures
Happy Birthday To Me
Oklahoma Highways
The Wichitas
The New Downtown Guy?
Year 2 in review
Using Oklahoman’s Archives & Jerry Lee
Sometimes you’re just lucky
SNL Pres Videos
National Day of Pride
2008 Okie Blog Awards
Do You Realize – State Rock Song
Year 3 in review
Blog changes
History resources

Oklahoma Rising
Hornets Retrospective
Centennial Parade
Mesta Park
State Arts Collection
Centennial Spectacular videos by BPOETA:
• Opening Act
• Underwood
• Indians
• Keith
• Flaming Lips
• Rejects
• Gill-Rising
• Finale
It’s An OKC Life
Ford Center Vote
Unabashed Vote Video
Yearning For October & A Good Laugh