This is my “Christmas Card” to all!

Jump To The Movie

In honor of the season, it seems fitting that
Oklahoma City have its own version of “It’s A
Wonderful Life,” and I’ve taken the liberty of
doing that in a JibJab “Starring You” movie,
intended just for fun in this festive holiday season!

The movie “stars” people you all know who are
important to Oklahoma City and who call the
metropolitan area “home,” except for one…


  • CLAY BENNETT … George Bailey
  • MAYOR MICK CORNETT … Peter Bailey, Uncle Billy,
    Emil Gower & Dr. Cavanaugh
  • SHERRI COALE … Mary Hatch Bailey
  • AUBREY McCLENDON … Ernie Bishop
  • DAVID STERN … Himself (aka Clarence)
  • JENNI CARLSON … ZuZu Bailey
  • Clay Bennett & Mayor Mick Cornett

    Sherri Coale & Aubrey McClendon

    Jenni Carlson

    … and a special guest important to OKC …
    David Stern

    OK, here is … your Christmas 2007 movie!

    Certainly, Doug Dawg intends no offense to any of
    these fine people, all heroes of mine!
    Should this bit of Christmas fun make anyone wonder,
    I’m 100% in favor of current events concerning Okc’s
    possibly landing the Sonics and Storm
    and the Ford Center sales tax extension
    and Mayor Mick’s leadership in that regard!
    This is intended as just a bit of fun for the season!

    Doug Dawg wishes a Merry Christmas to All!