This is my Christmas Card for all of you who kindly drop in to Doug Dawgz Blog from time to time. Words are few but pretty pictures are plentiful of the city that we love. The file will take a bit of time to load so be patient. After the flash file has loaded, music and navigation controls add to the enjoyment. I’ve also added the individual photos in individual graphic files, below. Enjoy!

I may add more links to and embed some videos from other internet sources from the Oklahoma City metro, such as the one below …

Downs Family Christmas. You want to see some utterly incredible Christmas lights and displays? You want to see one that is 300 feet wide, the length of one standard football field? If so, there is only one place to go … the Downs Family Christmas website or actual location shown in the map below:


This gives you an idea of the sweeping size of the project … this is only the Christmas tree at the east end … being constructed and then illuminated …

downs0s-7127214 downs00s-9770677

If you can’t make it there, check out their videos located here. A screen capture of one of the videos is shown below.


Better than a still-screen capture, here is one of their more serious Christmas (i.e., what Christmas is actually about) videos … others there are more playful … but this is the one that captured me … fall on your knees, oh hear the angel voices … oh light divine, when Christ was born … I know it sounds silly to say, but in this process I may actually have become a Christian again … as I once was … and, I think, am again, if God will have me …

Go here for others and also this location for several others.

Individual Photos. The individual files used in the flash show at the top are presented here. Click on any small picture for a larger view.

broadway_2009_12_05_03vs-4612016 broadway_2009_12_05_04vs-2691725
aalleygreens-3564807 broadway_2009_12_05_05vs-8839361
broadway_2009_12_05_08vs-4073468 broadway_2009_12_05_07vs-3916095
broadway_2009_12_05_06vs-2896612 broadway_2009_12_05_09vs-6154341
broadway_2009_12_05_10vs-6930780 broadway_2009_12_05_11vs-5892716
broadway_2009_12_05_12vs-9629881 Sandridge Tree
Devon Ice Rink
rink03s-3002822 rink04s-9762979
rink05s-4238801 rink06s-3469796
rink07s-5137671 Myriad Gardens
myriad2s-7648715 myriad3s-2072748
myriad5s-2615414 myriad6s-3684718
bricktown3s-4799666 bricktown4s-9580512
bricktown5s-2284733 bricktown5as-2561499
bricktown5bs-9321723 bricktown6s-8220047

When one gets down to the point,
Christmas Is About The Birth of the Christ Child …


To all who read this, I wish each and all of you a very merry and holy Christmas season! Holy crap! Though testing will be required to be sure, it appears that that I may have some telltale signs of being, yet again, a religious person … I wouldn’t have used the word “holy” a season or two ago. Today, I do. God is good. I wish a blessed Christmas to you all.

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