Edited 6/9/07: Anonymous posting is again allowd and will remain so as long as comments are kept polite. Edited 6/11/07: Well, that didn’t last long. Anonymous comments will be allowed but I’ll moderate all comments. Sorry. But I’m not going to put up with moronic comments from junior high level commenters. Sorry to the rest.

Sorry to most (99.99% … which is to say, all but one) of you, but one person seems intent on posting untoward comments here … not just about me, but about others as well, one of whom died this past Hornets season in Okc and about whose death this person seems to take macabre pleasure … as in Silence of the Lambs. This was described more particularly in an earlier version of this post but no need now exists to be as particular as I was initially with this post. I’ve now learned a bit more about him and now I know that he just doesn’t matter. He’s not even a New Orleans guy, as I first thought … he’s from SEATTLE! Sorry, Nola guys, for the earlier slight. And, I am glad to say that the links I’ve received (previously noted in an earlier version of this post) at Site Meter from the New Orleans board no longer work … I take that as a good sign.

But, for now, just know that anonymous posts will no longer be accepted here … you will have to log on using a Blogger account name which will enable me to know “who” is posting. It’s free and you don’t have to create a “blog” to have a Blogger account. Just click the orange “B” in the upper left corner of this page and create an account. Sorry for the inconvenience, but, for now, that’s my policy.