On the eve of today’s election, I finally checked my daily mail late yesterday afternoon. I live in Ward 6 in Mesta Park, and in Al McAffrey’s state legislative district. The above is the back side of an interesting flier that I received which was produced by the Committee for Oklahoma City Momentum, a PAC group presumably made up of chamber individual and corporate members.

Left Panel


Center Panel


Right Panel


What is so “right” about this card?

McAffrey is a progressive democrat and is very popular in my neighborhood, Mesta Park. He is admittedly gay in his sexual orientation. Cornett, the city’s very popular mayor, is known to be a republican. I really don’t know what political party Meg Salyer belongs to and I don’t care to know. But in a non-partisan election in which all three all pulling for the common good of the city, this combo really feels nice to me and is a comfort. It typifies what a non-partisan election is supposed to be about — regardless of where a candidate may fall within the city’s political spectrum, they all are pulling for the same thing: progressive city leadership for not just streets, police and fire but more: the improvement of the quality of life in our city.

Front Side


The front page boldly says that this is “the most important city council election in decades,” and I wholly concur with that statement.

Here’s a very good 22-minute interview of Meg Salyer from KTOK-Radio’s Gwin Faulconer-Lipprert Show this past Sunday evening. You definitely know what you’re getting if you vote for this candidate, which I just did.

Go vote, today.

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