Thanks to Jack Money and Steve Lackmeyer (above, left to right), authors of the fantastic Urban Renewal-to-present-day history book, OKC – Second Time Around, as well as an upcoming book on the history of the Skirvin Hotel, a brand new Oklahoma City history website emerged on July 7, 2007 …

Their new website has enormous promise to become the premier (second, of course, to the amazing Doug Dawgz Blog) website which is singularly devoted to all of Oklahoma City’s history. Hopefully, it will become a “clearinghouse” for all who are interested in this city’s fascinating history. These guys know their stuff. Jack and Steve are award-winning journalists at The Oklahoman. They anticipate expanding their site to include a “forum” (talk/chat) element in which anyone interested in Oklahoma City history can participate in the near future.

Although less than a week old, they are off to a great start! This post shows you very little that you could not see on your own if you just go there (save and except for the last image in this post), but Doug Dawg will give you a quick tour, just the same!

Click on an image for a larger view

Home Page


The sidebar in the left panel takes you to other elements …

Okc History Internet Links


Current Events (News) relating to Okc History


This Week in Okc History


Okc Forgotten … a Slide Show showing things gone by


Books on Okc History … I’m sure this will be expanded


Featured History … Serious Articles About Okc History …
(Note Doug Dawgz role in snagging Okc’s 1st major
league team is featured in a story 100 years later!)


I confess to making up the above “featured history” story … just wishful thinking on Doug Dawgz part!

As I said, a “forum” is hoped for soon. For now, visit the website and let Steve and Jack know what you think in their “Guestbook.” And, if they don’t live up to their website’s promise, give ’em some shit! If they do, give all praise that is surely their due!