The Urban Neighbors neighborhood association had its monthly meeting this evening, February 21, 2008, at Cafe Do Brazil, 440 NW 11th Street.

In addition to offering some very fine munchies furnished by the restaurant, and a very nice presentation on the developments in Midtown, the closely packed group (it’s a pretty small area on the 2nd floor of the restaurant) was treated to a short talk by Roy Williams, President of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, upon the merits of the March 4 Ford Center expansion/remodeling vote. Among many others, the venerable reporter Steve Lackmeyer was present on behalf of The Oklahoman. Some TV station’s camera people were present, but I don’t know which one.

Mr. Williams also fielded questions by those in attendance, and there were many. Peruse the pics that I took and get a taste of the meeting …

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Roy Williams, President of the Greater OKC Chamber of Commerce


After his preliminary remarks, Mr. Williams invited questions. Mostly, he got questions from those who were inclined to vote, “Yes,” but he got some from David Glover who spoke at the Oklahoma City Council meeting on Monday … David has posted a comment to another post here, and, as I explained in a responding comment, as soon as he sends me a link to where people (me, you, anyone) taking issue with his comments can be posted which discuss and/or debate his observations, I’ll allow his and other such comments (with the same qualification) to be posted here.

David Glover Questions Roy Williams


David expressed some well-intended and conscientious concerns. He voiced them in his questions to Mr. Williams but as the Q&A progressed the “discussion” began to take on the tone of a “debate,” which was not the fare for this evening’s meeting. Still, after going a bit further than perhaps he should have in that regard, I’ll give David credit in knowing when to stop, which he did. I’d say that he was “gentlemanly” in the manner in which he conducted himself and he’s got my respect for that.

Stupid Doug Dawg could probably have taken lessens from him since he (I) felt the need to “get engaged” in the discussion and did so. I think that I’ll just skip over that embarrassing stuff since, after all, this is my blog and I have the control!

In any event, it was a good evening and time was well spent. Mr. Williams, I think, is a credit to his organization, and I’m pleased to have met him for the first time this evening. Same is true for David Glover who I also met this evening … he is also a credit to the opposition.


It was a good evening all the way around.

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