By the time I finished working on this Skirvin “update”, I decided that it needed a new post, all by itself. This is written on Sunday, February 25, the day before the Skirvin reopens its doors to the world. For related posts, see Grand Reopening, Skirvin History and Skirvin Preview

I remind all that this grand event is something that we, in Oklahoma City, have all contributed to since it was by the leadership of Mayor Kirk Humphreys that our city “engaged” and became pro-actively involved in this project. Had that not happened, what we are about to see tomorrow would not have come to be. It did happen, and our city is proud, very proud. “We” can rightly claim that, “This is OUR hotel!” As Okc citizens, it is our due to make such a claim!

Two segments are in this post … the excellent Sunday Oklahoman front page story and supplement published today, February 25, and the images contained in Dan Mahoney’s website published just a few days earlier.

The Oklahoman Supplement. Today’s Sunday Oklahoman front page and supplement, mostly written by Steve Lackmeyer, tells the story:

  • Front Page: Fans Ready For Return
  • Supplement Starting Point
  • Money, Money, Money!
  • Crowning Moment
  • At The Skirvin’s Front Desk
  • In It’s Decline
  • One Big Party
  • At Home in the Skirvin
  • Attracting the Stars
  • Bob Blackburn’s Legacy
  • Managing the Banquets
  • What a Comeback!
  • Indonesian Investor Fails
  • Legacy That Refused To End
  • City’s Blacks Recall A Different Skirvin
  • Some of the images in that Oklahoman supplement are below … click on a pic for a larger view …

    Now … and in the 1960s

    Skirvin Moulding … Now and Then …

    Events Gone By In The Skirvin

    John Wayne and Skirvin Employees

    Dan Mahoney’s Website. As mentioned in earlier posts, Dan is a publicist for the Skirvin Hilton, working with the Gooden Group, and he kindly made it possible for lowly Doug Dawg to have one large tour and a mini-one before today. Dan has set up his own Skirvin website, a Press Kit located here, and he has kindly consented that I use those pics here which range from initial construction, through the glory years of famous guests, to today’s finished construction.

    Most of those pics are below … marvelous eye candy … click a pic for a much larger look.

    1st Construction and The Tunnel
    mahoney01s2-5338060 mahoney02s2-2625691

    Small Ballroom and Hotel Lobby
    mahoney03s2-8649571 mahoney04s2-7482053

    Restaurant and 1930’s Expansion
    mahoney05s2-9599570 mahoney06s2-8104036

    Glen Ford and Perle Mesta
    mahoney07s2-7613441 mahoney08s2-2005273

    Martin & Lewis and the Nixons
    mahoney09s2-5343984 mahoney10s2-5348729

    Richard Nixon & Dwight Eisenhour
    mahoney11s2-4197376 mahoney12s2-6278668

    Billboard & Hotel Desk
    mahoney13s2-7736411 mahoney14s2-7117414

    Bell Captains and Fountain Gals
    mahoney15s2-1248849 mahoney16s2-3445261

    Hotel Brochure and Dan James
    mahoney17s2-7646918 mahoney18s2-6200288

    Restaurant and 14th Floor Sitting Room
    mahoney19s2-5127836 mahoney20s2-5899675

    Original Ad and Lobby Lighting Today
    mahoney21s2-7349549 mahoney22s2-4887607

    Lobby Lights Close Up and Mezzanine
    mahoney22as2-7230630 mahoney23s2-6903075

    Main Ballroom Lights and Exterior North
    mahoney24s2-9532778 mahoney25s2-8611357

    South Views At Night
    mahoney26s2-4199450 mahoney27s2-6584081

    Closeups of Top of Skirvin Hilton
    mahoney28s2-2297461 mahoney29s2-2967337

    Building Top and Fourteenth Floor Moulding
    mahoney30s2-6467885 mahoney31s2-4128766

    Park Avenue Grill
    mahoney32s2-9864518 mahoney33s2-9217014

    Front Desk and Bill James’ Children,
    George James and Dannie Bea Hightower
    mahoney34s2-4142514 mahoney35s2-8188974

    In slightly less than 24 hours, it’s all ours again, baby!

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