suuperman-0-3019652The long days and months of grief and mourning have been hard to endure … he was thought by many to have been rendered at least impotent by a blast of Kryptonite from the dastardly Lex Luthor. Yes, Superman, otherwise known as the mild mannered Ace Reporter Clark Kent, was all but a vestage of his former self.superman2-5702207

superman3-0-7190687BUT, WAIT … once again leaping tall buildings with a single bound and going faster than a speeding bullet (and able to see under one’s garments), SUPE is BACK!

superman5-6-3588468And, here I am, little Jimmy Olson, Cub Reporter friend of Superman, who will give you a tip on the REAL identity of Superman …

It’s The Downtown Guy, up and running once again! I call him Clark. He is the granddaddy of Oklahoma City blogs, and he’s back! If you want to know the scoop on what’s going on in OKC, you need to visit The Downtown Guy on a regular basis!

But, be sure to wear your lead-plated undies!