Retro Metro OKC took a bit of break during the summer – but planning is underway for some exciting additions to the website and fun gatherings this fall.

First, a bit of a teaser for this fall – meetings are being set up now with the new owners of the Calvary Baptist Church to provide us with a tour of the renovated landmark, which is now the home of the Dan Davis Law Firm. The Oklahoma History Center also will be hosting us in October and will provide us with an up-close look at items from the incredible Century Chest collection.

We are also very close to posting new collections at Retro Metro OKC, including one of the most challenging projects we’ve worked on to date – the Hale Photography Collection. Hale Photography recorded our city’s history throughout the 20th century, but it closed several years ago. The building where the shop last operated saw its roof collapse circa 2010:

Hundreds, if not thousands of photos and negatives sustained serious water and mold damage and were thought to be too far gone by some to be saved. Thanks to a string of 115-degree dry heat days and the use of dehumidifiers provided by Retro Metro OKC treasurer Marc Weinmeister, 464 of these images were able to be salvaged and scanned by our members.  The following photos are just a small sampling of what is about to be posted at Retro Metro OKC:
What’s next? We will need the community to help us in identifying the people and places in these photos!
Thanks for all your support for Retro Metro OKC.
– Steve Lackmeyer, president