Urban Neighbors, a new “neighborhood association,” announced itself and unveiled its new logo at the Oklahoma City Council on Tuesday, May 8, 2007. According to its website,

Urban Neighbors is an organization dedicated to fostering quality residential living in downtown Oklahoma City. Our membership based organization encourages the further development of quality residential living through positive interactive meetings, social events, and issue oriented dialog and research.

Urban Neighbors is a direct conduit and representative of its residential membership to the City of Oklahoma City, area businesses, and other support structure. Our organization is committed to making downtown and enjoyable and exciting place to live.

Although I don’t “live” downtown (I live in Mesta Park), I do work downtown and Doug Dawg is certainly supportive of downtown and all good developments which occur there (I say this in case you’d not been able to glean that from my various ramblings in Doug Dawgz Blog)! And, so, when I was asked to chair its “History Committee,” I jumped at the chance! You see, you don’t have to live downtown to be a member of Urban Neighbors … instead, the group has opened itself to members of the whole of the community and beyond (to be a “voting member”, you’d need to live downtown) ! For a pittance ($25) one can be a “friends” member! And that would be Doug Dawg, a friend of downtown!

Yours truly took the following pics at the City Council meeting, yesterday. This was the “coming out” for the organization. Click on an image for a larger view.

On Arrival At The City Council
… just boring, even if necessary, budget stuff … but to avoid drowsiness, I took a few pics of some deco light fixtures, dating back to 1936 or so … click on pics for larger views




From The Oklahoman’s website, Steve Lackmeyer tells the story, a part of which reads,

Wed May 9, 2007
Downtown organization seeks second chance
By Steve Lackmeyer
Business Writer
* * *
Reorganization of a downtown residential association began with an inquiry by Misty Kemp, a recent transplant from downtown Austin who was house hunting at the Block 42 condominiums in downtown Oklahoma City’s Flat Iron district. Kemp said when she was asked about the existence of a residents association, she was encouraged to form one. She then turned to Mayor Mick Cornett, who told her of a previous effort by Bezdek, who lives and works in Deep Deuce.
* * *
The association has the support of Downtown Oklahoma City Inc., and will be seeking to post window decals in the spirit of the downtown organization’s “Up” campaign.

Kim Searls, spokeswoman for Downtown Oklahoma City Inc., said the new association coincides with the pending addition of 1,600 housing units downtown.

“I would expect that 1,600 will convert in up to 3,000 more people living downtown,” Searls said. “That almost doubles our population.”

Eventually, Urban Neighbors was on the Council’s agenda. Speeches were made …




And the Logo was unveiled
That’s the historic 1st National Bank (circa 1931) between “U” and “N”


Council Members White and Simank Seemed Duly Impressed



One of them, I can’t remember which, noted the “youthful age” of the group … something that I, Doug Dawg, was very gratified to hear! Ahhhhh … to be recognized as being young (again)!

I encourage you to go to Urban Neighbors’ website, and get involved in this exciting development in and for downtown Oklahoma City!